Rabbit, 2021

After staring at my first paintings from 2018 I was amazed at the fact of how much I've grown. I cherished these first pieces so much but I could see the vision I first had. These paintings have been sitting in storage for almost 3 years and I was to embarrassed/selfish to get sell them. That's when the idea to paint over them hit me. I sanded them down applied a nice layer of gesso and reworked them. Rabbit came out as a result. This piece was inspired by the film Gummo and the rabbit character. I always related to this character out of the rest in the movie as he seems to not care about the things going on around him. He is just along for the ride.

Painted with Acrylic on a 16"x20" canvas.

Made with archival quality materials!

All art belongs to Jamie Chihuan
Please dm me on Instagram @UTXY for any further questions!